Safety Protocol for COVID-19

Abbreviated Schedule

At least initially, we will be operating on a very abbreviated schedule in an attempt to accommodate everyone who wants to be seen but not spend unnecessary time at the office ourselves.

Masks Are Required

Any client who comes for appointments at Blue Ridge Aesthetics Center must wear a mask. If you arrive without a mask, we will reschedule your appointment.

Don’t Come in Sick

We ask that you NOT schedule an appointment if you have a fever, cough, or any other signs of illness and that if you develop any of the above, you cancel and reschedule any appointments that you might have. We reserve the right to refuse treatment if it becomes obvious to us once you have arrived at the office that you are sick.

Clients Only

Only the client receiving treatment will be allowed in the office; any accompanying family members or friends must wait in the car.

Call When you Get Here

Please call us at 434.455.7546 when you have arrived and parked. We will either tell you to come in at that time or get your number and call back when it is safe for you to enter the office. We will not have clients overlapping in the waiting room.

“Advisory and Acknowledgement” Form

We will have you sign an “Advisory and Acknowledgement” form which will require you to assume the risk of treatment during this pandemic and answer a number of screening questions. This form will need to be filled out prior to each treatment. We reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if your answers to any screening questions are concerning.

We’ll Do Our Part Too

Blue Ridge Aesthetics Center staff will be wearing medical-grade masks and gloves at all times during client encounters. We will disinfect treatment areas between clients and are leaving enough time between appointments to do so. We will be checking and recording our temperatures twice daily at home and will not come to work if we develop a fever or any other signs of illness. We will also be washing our hands between all client encounters and regularly throughout the day.